Auto Care in Minneapolis Starts with Tire Care

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As a driver, you know that your car requires regular service to maintain its efficiency and reliability. You may already have a favorite auto care shop in Minneapolis that takes care of all or most of your auto care. If you live in Minneapolis, auto care work  may be something you like to do yourself, but even if you have all of your service done by a shop, there are a few things you should know about.

Of all the attention your car needs, one of the most important, and often the most neglected, is tire care. Proper condition and inflation of your tires is necessary for both safety and efficiency. Tires that are in good condition mean better control and better gas mileage.

Worn Tires

Worn tires don’t have good traction and there is an increased risk of skidding, even on dry pavement. The risk is even greater when the roads are wet. Tires can wear out faster when they are not inflated properly, or if the vehicle needs an alignment.

Proper Tire Inflation

If a tire is under inflated, it tends to wear more on the sides than it does in the center. Over inflated tires wear more in the center. With proper inflation a tire will wear more evenly, and since the load is spread across the entire surface, the tire also wears more slowly.

Under inflated tires also result in poorer gas mileage. A higher inflation improves gas mileage, but if over inflated, the excessive wear of the tire would offset the gain in gas mileage. Living in Minneapolis, auto care begins with tire care.

Proper Tire Pressure

Tires have a maximum pressure that is considered safe for continuous operation. This pressure is labeled on the side of the tire. The proper pressure for inflation is determined by the vehicle manufacturer, and it is largely a function of the weight of the vehicle. The recommended pressure is listed in your owner’s manual.

You should walk around your car occasionally and take note of whether there are signs of uneven wear on your tires. Many owners like to check the pressure themselves with a tire gauge that can be purchased at any auto supply shop for a few Dollars. If you’re not sure how to use a tire pressure gauge and you are in the Minneapolis area, stop by at Auto Electric.  We’ll show you how to use the gauge and we can help you with any of your auto care needs.

If you live in Minneapolis, auto care can be taken care of quickly during an appointment at Auto Electric. Call us today at 763-537-1221.

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