Auto Repair in the Twin Cities: What To Do If The Worst Happens

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Picture this: you’re driving down a seldom-used back road somewhere in the Twin Cities area. It’s late, it’s dark and cold outside and you’re by yourself. Out of nowhere, your car starts to make funny noises and suddenly dies. You reassure yourself by thinking, “I’ll just call for auto repair help on my cell phone.” You check your phone and there’s no signal. What do you do? Auto Electric has a few tips for you. We are well-versed in auto repair. Twin Cities residents have trusted us with their cars since 1952.

Every break-down in the Twin Cities is different, of course. The above situation is a worst-case scenario, but there are some general guidelines and rules you can follow to make sure you, your loved ones and your car get out of that situation safely and get auto repair help in the Twin Cities as soon as possible. The first thing you want to do is be constantly aware of your surroundings and where you’re located in relation to cross streets and any major highways in the Twin Cities. Keep an eye on any Twin Cities landmarks that you pass by and try to mentally record where they are.

Try to familiarize yourself with common auto repair problems, and know what to do if any start, like smoke coming from your engine or steering or tire problems. As soon as you start experiencing car problems, pull off the road onto the right shoulder (or you can pull onto the left shoulder if there is no right shoulder). If the road does not have a shoulder, put on your hazards and let your car drift to a stop. Try to make your car as visible as possible to other motorists, and then get everyone out of your car and wait somewhere that is safe and out of traffic’s way for auto repair help.

Try to call for Twin Cities auto repair help if your cell phone is working, and wait with your car until auto repair help arrives. If you think you can find help by walking a short distance, try that but only if it’s safe. And if you do leave to get help, put a note in your car on the dashboard to let others know where you are and your intentions.

And if the worst ever happens to you, or if you need any other auto repair in and around the Twin Cities, call Auto Electric at (763) 537-1221 or contact us online.

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