Bad Timing for Your Timing Belt to Go

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You have owned that ancient car for almost a decade now and the nickeling and diming process is underway. Each month it is a new thing. Brakes here, electrical system there. What’s next? With any luck the answer is but a small issue. There are bigger and more timelier fixes that can pop up to like timing belts, transmission issues or even head gaskets.

If the problem ends up being a timing belt, your car will shut down, you will be unable to drive it. That is because the timing belt(s) within your car are but one spoke in the wheel that allows you engine to run and run properly. Primarily what they do is make sure that the valves on your engine open and close (continuously) in a timely manner that allows the crank and camshafts to do their part, within the engine.

If you are an under the hood sort and have found yourself eyeing up the status of belts and the like only to discover that just about all of them are worn down pretty well, bring that car with timing belts needs to a Crystal MN area mechanic like Auto Electric! We will take a look, verify your need and get you on the schedule to have your old timing belt(s) switched out for new ones.

A worn timing belt, or even operating a car beyond the 60-100K standards of replacement with full knowledge that timing belts have not been replaced on your watch, is asking for a costly disaster. If your timing belt snaps while you are driving, the vehicle will stall out and you will not be able to get it restarted. Depending on the chain reaction caused by the belt snapping, in addition to the tow truck, you may also face a costly engine repair if not rebuild. If the chain reaction of a belt snap gets as far as the head gasket, two big repairs are born in one fell swoop.

Do not let this happen to you and your car. At a minimum, have someone stay on top of the status of the belts. This can be as simple as on your next oil change asking the mechanic to give you an assessment, or, if you know what you are looking for and where to look for it, carrying out visual inspections yourself. Following through on such a simple task can help you avoid the pitfalls of lofty car repair.

If you would like more information on timing belt replacement for your Crystal MN auto, call Auto Electric at 952-937-2774 or you can contact us to Request an Appointment.

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