Car Repair Do’s and Don’ts

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Some of us grew up underneath the hood of a car. Others of us are unable to tell the starter from the battery.

Car repair skill sets vary from person to person. Not everyone gets a thrill from working on their automobile, so they depend on pros like Auto Electric. Still, there are a few skills everyone should have regarding car repair, just in case you get caught in a serious bind.

Here are some repair do’s and don’ts:


You should know how to:

  • Change a tire – You’ll never know when you’ll be stuck with a flat tire alongside the road. All automobiles come with a jack and a spare, so learn how to use them before this happens to you.
  • Change windshield wiper blades – Normal circumstances call for these to be changed twice a year. As far as repairs go, this is one of the easiest as no tools are usually required.
  • Check fluids – Engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, windshield wiper fluid and engine coolant/antifreeze should all be checked on a regular basis. If you’re not sure where they are, consult your owner’s manual or stop by and we’ll be glad to show you how.


Here’s a few jobs best left to the professionals:

  • Changing the spark plugs – Modern automobiles make this job a little more challenging, as special tools are required to remove your spark plugs. Some vehicles might need to be partially taken apart in order to access them.
  • Brake repairs – Brakes are a complex mechanism, and if you incorrectly do the job, you’re raising the stakes way too high.
  • Belt replacement – If you’ve never changed any belts or are unsure of what they do, it’s better to just have your mechanic handle it. Incorrect belt replacement can greatly damage your vehicle and cause you to spend more than you would have saved.

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