Car Repair Minneapolis: Is Your Car Trying To Tell You Something?

We, at Auto Electric, can find out if your car is trying to tell you something if you are experiencing unfamiliar noises. Clunks and rattles, squeaks and whines, moans and groans: Most Minneapolis car repair mechanics that have been in the car repair business in Minneapolis for a while, have heard these descriptions and many more from customers trying to describe what they heard.

Sometimes there are noises that accompany the failure, or wearing out of something on your car. This can be an early warning of bad things to come, so it is in your best interest to have any new sound checked out. After all, the manufacturer of your car tried to design it to be quiet, so when there is a new noise, it means that something is not right. For those living in Minneapolis, car repair as soon as you hear a new noise can prevent more costly repairs in the future.

Supporting Information for Minneapolis Car Repair

It will help your Minneapolis car repair mechanic find the problem more quickly if you can provide some supporting information. When does the sound occur? Does it stay the same or change in volume or frequency with a change in speed? Does it seem to happen more when you are accelerating, stopping, at a particular speed, going over a bump, or turning?

The brakes on some cars are intentionally designed to make some noise when they are worn down to the point of being not quite dangerous yet, but will be if you don’t get your car repaired soon. Worn or loose drive belts often make a chirping or squeaking noise when the engine is revved up a bit. A local Minneapolis car repair shop will be able to tell the difference.

Clunking sounds may be caused because a hanger has broken, allowing the exhaust pipe or muffler to bang against the underside of the car. This could lead to an exhaust leak and the danger of carbon-monoxide poisoning. A clunking or banging sound may result from a bolt or link pin that has broken off or come loose from any of several suspension parts. You might not notice any driving problem at low speeds, but if you were to swerve at highway speeds, your vehicle might become uncontrollable. A trusted Minneapolis car repair mechanic will be able to diagnose the situation for you.

Noises Signify it’s Time for Car Repair

Now most noises probably won’t result in an immediate loss of control or carbon-monoxide poisoning, but they may be an indication that something is wearing out quickly. The point is, you just won’t know until the cause is identified. And, if you don’t get your car repaired relatively soon by a Minneapolis car repair specialist, you can be almost certain that the continued wear will result in a more expensive fix than if you would have taken care of it sooner.

So if you’re hearing a funny noise, or a not so funny noise, Auto Electric, your local Minneapolis car repair shop, has an experienced technical staff that will find out exactly what’s causing it and tell you precisely what needs to be done to correct it.

Even if you aren’t hearing any unusual noises, but you need service or any type of car repair in the Minneapolis area, contact Auto Electric, your local Minneapolis car repair experts, and our experienced, ASE Certified staff will be happy to provide you with the professional, quality workmanship you deserve.

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