Car Service During the Fall

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Now is the time to start thinking about preparing your car for the winter. There’s nothing worse than being stranded on the side of the road during the dead of winter, for something that could have been prevented this fall. If you live anywhere around the Twin Cities, like Minneapolis, car service appointments can be scheduled now with Auto Electric & Full Service Auto Repair.

Preventative Maintenance

During a fall car service appointment, we’ll be sure to pay particular attention to a few items.

  • Tires: You’ll want to be assured that you’re tires are up to par. When the weather gets hazardous, it’s important to have well-functioning tires. Also, take a minute to check your spare tire.
  • Check the Battery: We’ll make sure the battery is working well. If your car battery is over four years old, it may underperform in cold weather. The last thing you want in the winter is to be stranded with a dead battery.
  • Break Check: Now is a good time to have your breaks check and replaced, if necessary. If you neglect to have your breaks checked, you risk damage to your car and to yourself. Your fall car service appointment is the perfect opportunity.
  • Heating System: We want to make sure you’re comfortable, but also that it’s possible for your car to warm up properly in colder temperatures. Many aspects of your car may not perform well if they’re too cold.

Winter Automobile Preparedness Kit

It is important to prepare and keep an emergency kit in your car. A standard kit should include a first aid kit, flares, flashlight, snacks and other helpful tools. During the winter, you’ll want to add to that kit, boots, gloves, blankets, a shovel and tire chains. An emergency preparedness kit may come in handy if you should find yourself in a situation where you need to replace a tire, or perform other quick fixes.


Are you in need of car service this fall? Give us a call today at 763-537-1221 or contact us online.

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