Common Winter Auto Repair Problems

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In the winter, we here at Auto Electric see a few of the same types of auto repair issues. And as a Golden Valley auto repair shop, we have a few suggestions for you on what these repairs are and how you can possibly avoid them.

Check Your Fluids

On a weekly basis, take a look at all of the fluid levels in your car. Your windshield washer fluid should have some type of antifreeze in it so the reservoir doesn’t freeze and then crack open, causing the need for auto repair. Be sure there is the right amount of oil in your car, plus coolant, antifreeze, transmission fluid and other fluids like that. You should also be sure to have at least a half of a tank of gas in your car at all times, but most especially during particularly cold spells. And if you plan to let your car sit for a long period of time, make sure there is a full tank of gas in it.

Practice Good Driving

Winter weather brings plenty of weather-related hazards. There are the obvious ones: snowy weather, white-outs and ice. But you should always keep an eye out for black ice and potholes. Try to avoid potholes whenever you can. If you run over too many, you could wind up in our shop for auto repair because potholes can cause problems with your tires, rims, axles and springs. They could also cause alignment issues with your car.

Check Your Tires

For every 10 degrees that the temperature drops, your tire pressure will decrease by approximately 1 pound. Proper tire pressure could help save you money on fuel and auto repair. Plus you will get better traction on the roads, especially when they are slippery because of rain, snow or ice. In order to find out the proper pounds per square inch (PSI) that your tires should be filled to, look in the driver’s side doorjamb or check your car’s owner’s manual.

Be Prepared

You should always have a winter survival kit in your car, and definitely make sure you have a shovel in case you need to dig your car out of the snow. The shovel and kit are an important part of being prepared for an emergency situation.

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