Do You Need New Tires?

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automotive service and repair robbinsdale auto electricWith winter fast approaching, it is important to make sure your car is ready for icy roads and wintry weather. One of the most crucial aspects is making sure your tires are still in good shape. If they aren’t, schedule a time to come to our automotive service and repair shop near Robbinsdale and we will gladly put new tires on your car. Here are a few good indications that you need new tires.

First, take a look at the tire itself. Is it bulging out at the sides? This might be a sign that the air pressure is low, so check that first and fill it with air as needed. If you notice the sides are bulging and it hasn’t been that long since you filled it with new air, then it might be a slow leak. Sometimes these types of leaks are caused by a nail in your tire and the tire itself will not have to be replaced. It can easily be plugged for a fraction of the cost. Bring it to our automotive service and repair shop and we can take a look.

Second, do the penny test. Put a penny into the tire’s tread with Lincoln’s head pointing downwards. If you can see the top of his head after you do this, then the tire tread is very low and you need to get a new tire. You should also try to find the wear bars. If you can see the wear bars, which go across the groove of the tire, then this is also a good indication that you should call our automotive service and repair shop for an appointment.

Third, keep in mind that your tires will deflate around one pound per square inch each month. They can sometimes deflate even more than that if it is particularly cold outside. Be sure you to check the air pressure in your tire on a regular basis: especially just before a big trip or during the winter months.

Finally, if you are feeling an unusual vibration or thumping as you are driving and it seems to be coming from under your seats, this sometimes indicates that the rear tires of your car need to be rebalanced. If the vibration is coming from the steering wheel, then it is probably your car’s suspension. Call us either way to schedule an appointment so we can take a look to see what the problem is.

For more information on our automotive service and repair shop near Robbinsdale, call Auto Electric at 763-537-1221, or you can contact us to Schedule an Appointment.

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