Eyes on the Road and Hands on the Wheel: Car Winter Survival Kit

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Winter is fast-approaching and it can be a dangerous time of year. Not only do temperatures plummet and weather conditions can quickly deteriorate without warning, but it’s easy to skid on black ice and end up in an emergency situation. As a shop that offers car repair and service in Minneapolis, we have a few suggestions on what you should keep in your car at all times just in case you’re in an accident or your car breaks down.

  • A shovel and some kitty litter. The shovel is in case you need to shovel snow or other debris out of your way, and the kitty litter is for traction.
  • A windshield scraper. The scraper is to help remove ice from your car’s windows.
  • Water and snacks. This can be essential if the worst happens and you are stuck for several hours until help arrives. Snacks should be non-perishable, like candy bars, energy bars or raisins.
  • A few blankets and extra hats and gloves. These can help ward off frost bite and hypothermia, especially if your car will not start and you have no way of getting warm otherwise.
  • Emergency flares or reflectors. These are a great way to ensure that other motorists see you and that emergency crews can spot you when they come to help you.
  • A flashlight. This is a great thing to have in case it’s dark out. And reverse the batteries when you put it in your car. That way, even if the flashlight is accidentally turned on, the batteries won’t be used up.
  • Matches or a lighter. These are excellent items to have just in case you need an alternative heat source.

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