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Choosing an auto repair shop can be difficult. If you’ve moved to a new area or just need a new mechanic, finding a reliable team isn’t always easy. If you live anywhere around the Twin Cities, like Golden Place, auto service just goes along with owning a car. That being said, auto service should not break the bank or cause undue stress. Trust your auto repairs to the team here at Auto Electric. You won’t be sorry!

Our Crew

At Auto Electric & Full Service Auto Repair, we have a team of skilled mechanics. We pride ourselves on our level of customer service and strive to make every customer’s experience as enjoyable as possible. As a whole, we are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Our shop has a reputation for being professional and offering top-quality workmanship. We truly believe in making the auto repair process worry free.

Timely Service

We understand what a hassle it can be when your car requires auto service. This is why we examine your automobile as quickly as possible. When you make an appointment with us, you can be assured your car will be looked at. We do our absolute best to provide you with excellent auto service as promptly as possible.

Extra Care

Our team takes extra care of you and your car! We are on your side. We go that extra mile to provide you with the best possible service. We’ll make the necessary repairs to your car, and notify you of any additional work that is required. Our loyal customers say they like the way we communicate with them. We work with them to devise an overall car care plan that will ensure parts being inspected routinely.

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