Spring Cleaning Enhances the Life of Your Auto

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Your car has made it through yet another brutal cold stretch. It is now time that you assess the toll Old Man Winter has taken on your auto to perform some routine maintenance, making sure your vehicle is up to optimum standards of excellence. Many of these tasks can be performed by you, many call for the assistance of experts. Providing all-encompassing auto service in greater Minneapolis, Auto Electric can get your automobile up to par for getting out to enjoy our few months of warm.

Check the following to make sure your car is up to speed:

• Batteries, plugs and wires – Winter wears out these items and they work especially hard during frozen stretches. Test these items and replace as needed, especially if they have slogged through multiple winters.
• Belts and hoses – Belts crack, hoses fray. If three years have passed since their last replacement, think about replacing them altogether.
• Brakes – Always check the entire braking system after winter. Braking and sliding on ice and snow adds up on your brakes, wearing individual components down that combine in chain reaction to diminish the whole system. Your local auto repair service can take a look and conduct needed repair or replacement of parts.
• Engine Air Filter – Air filters get clogged and prevent a smooth-running engine. This is a quick and easy fix. Simply eye it up, if dirty, replace it.
• Fluid Levels-Your brakes, engine and transmission are all fluid dependent to ensure smooth sailing. Always be on top of your levels to keep them working right. Don’t forget about coolant and windshield washer fluid, both often depleted after winter.
• Suspension & Wheel Alignment – Navigating the ice and snow wreaks havoc on both your suspension and your alignment. Have shocks and struts checked for issue, replaced if necessary. Alignment affects multiple areas of your vehicle and can be corrected easily and quickly during a tune-up appointment.
• Tire Pressure – Air pressure is reduced greatly during winter. Check all tires, including the spare for desired pressure. You can find optimum pressure levels listed inside the front door.

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