Testimonials from Auto Electric Customers

Excellent service!
I had routine service done. It was completed in a timely fashion. Suggestions were made for other items that need attention which I appreciated. As always Craig provided excellent service! – janet r.

Always cared for!
Craig and John and the team are so great to work with – when there’s bad news, they break it to me gently, explain to me the full scoop, let me know which services are necessary now and which are optional (or can wait), and even fill my bike tires so I can ride home after dropping off my car. 🙂 I feel well taken care of at Auto Electric! – julie

Oil change/tire rotation…
I can always count on Craig & crew to do a good job! – judy a.

My Experience…
I had my van scheduled for a diagnostic check because of “Check Engine” light had come. Had to tow it in 2 days early because it quit working. It was fixed and seems to be doing GOOD. – ken c.