Why You Need Auto Service and Repair at the End of the Winter

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It’s finally March! That means the official end of winter is this month, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of cold weather related problems. For those living in communities around the Twin Cities, like Golden Valley, auto service and repair may almost seem inevitable. At the first sign of winter-related car trouble, you know who to call!

Below Average Temperatures, Above Average Precipitation

You’ve had to deal with all sorts of unusual things this winter. We’ve had below average temperatures, accompanied by above average precipitation. If you escaped this winter without the need for auto service and repair, consider yourself lucky. With increase precipitation levels, roads become more dangerous during and after storms. Some of you may have already had to seek repair services from accidents that happened this winter.

Winter Aftermath: Potholes

Even if you made it through the winter with your car intact, there’s still a lot of things to watch out for. As the snow and ice melt, potholes become more prevalent. Be extremely cautious when traveling around one of these. They can cause all sorts of car problems including:

  • Damaged or punctured tires
  • Bent or damaged wheel rim
  • Broken or damaged suspension
  • Unnecessary wear on shocks and struts
  • Misalignment of steering system
  • Harm to exhaust system
  • Causes engine to malfunction

If you do end up with any of the auto damage above because you hit a pothole, our team of auto service and repair experts will take good care of your car. Even when you are a cautious driver, it is possible to come up on a pothole before you even realize it.

If your car incurred damage this winter, and you need a reliable auto service and repair shop near Golden Valley, contact us today by calling 763-537-1221. Find our other Contact Information by Clicking Here.

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