Keep on Cruisin’: Benefits and Blunders of Cruise Control

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With proper maintenance and care, expensive car repairs can be avoided. Auto Electric specializes in the maintenance and repair of cruise control for Crystal MN and we would like to share a couple of tips that can help you avoid costly repair and safely keep your car on the road.

cruise control

Cruise control is an innovative feature and can be very convenient when on a long drive or on the highway. It allows the driver to set a steady speed so you can relax your foot and let the vehicle maintain its own speed. More modern cruise control systems even allow you to maintain speed and a certain distance behind the vehicle in front of you without having to manually accelerate and brake. There are many benefits to having a cruise control system that works, including less active driving as well as money savings due to increased gas mileage.

When cruise control fails, it can be annoying, but when it fails suddenly it could even be dangerous. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the common reasons for a faulty cruise control system:

Failing Brake Pedal Switch. A brake pedal switch turns the vehicle’s brake lights on when it senses the brake pedal has been pressed. Since cruise control systems are designed to turn off when the brake pedal is pressed, the cruise control system is then wired to the brake pedal switch. If the switch fails, the car could think the brakes are engaged and the cruise control won’t work.

Fuse Issues. There is a corresponding fuse which will blow to protect the system if it senses a short circuit. When the fuse for the cruise control blows, it could cause the cruise control to stop working altogether.

Speed Sensor Failure. If the speed sensor fails the cruise control may stop working. You may also notice that the speedometer has issues and that the engine has more difficulty when idling.

No matter the issue, a failed cruise control system may signal that other repairs need to be made soon. When examining the cruise control, one of our experts at Auto Electric will likely inspect other systems on the car as well. So, if you notice that your cruise control is having issues, you should have a mechanic check into it and determine the problem as soon as possible.

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