It’s (Still) Getting Cold Out There: A Winter Auto Care Checklist

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The holidays may have come to a close but there are still several more months of winter weather left! Some people love winter. And, your car can love winter too! But, hazards like icy roads, salted streets, freezing temperatures and heavy snow can keep you and your car from enjoying the season to its fullest. As a full service auto care shop in Minneapolis, we would like to provide you with a handy checklist to keep you, your family and your automobile safe.

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Check Your Coolant
Contrary to its name, coolant is an essential to keeping your engine from freezing. You may have already noticed towers of this stuff popping up at your local gas station, that’s because it’s an absolute winter essential! Make sure your vehicle is never low on coolant and that there aren’t any leaks in your engine, this could cause unwanted drainage.

Check Your Lights
Snow can make driving a little hazy. That’s why you should always provide the brightest illumination possible for the road in front of you. Make sure all of your car’s lights are in excellent shape and if a bulb is out, get it fixed right away! Or, when you’re scraping snow off of your car, if you notice snow is covering a headlight, make sure to remove it as well.

Check Your Washer Fluid
Salt is what makes this an absolute winter auto care essential. With each snowfall comes a new layer of salt on the roads. As messy roads abound and salt continues to get kicked onto your windshield from the car in front of you, constant window washing is a necessity to see where you’re going.

Check Your Tires
Tire pressure can drop along with the temperature, losing up to one pound with every ten degrees! Not only can driving with low tire pressure cause tread separation, your car is no longer able to handle the roads with predictability, something everyone needs on a snow packed street. Also, if it’s not the temperature that’s to blame, it could be something else like a tear or a nail, so best to check your tires.

Take Your Survival Kit
A survival kit is always a good idea. Select one that includes flares, a knife, a flashlight, matches or tea light candles for an alternative heat source, a blanket, a first-aid kit, jumper cables and a cell phone charger.

At Auto Electric we want you, your family and your vehicle to be as safe as possible no matter the season. Do you need auto care service and repair in Minneapolis? Call Auto Electric at 763-537-1221 or you can Contact Us.

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