Road Trip!!! Is Your Car Ready?

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Have the cold days of winter got you daydreaming about a road trip this spring? It is important that you first ensure your car is roadworthy and there’s no better time to start than today! Car maintenance in Minneapolis is especially important because of the toll our tough winters can take on our cars. It is always a good idea to have your car looked at after one of our winters, but especially before a road trip; think of it as a kind of spring cleaning!

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On any road trip you should feel confident your car will take you safely to your destinations while having some fun along the way. To help you with your road trip check list, the experts at Auto Electric have come up with some key car maintenance points that can help ensure your car is ready for the road.

Brakes and Tires

It is likely you will encounter some winding roads along the way and brakes are very important for safe navigation. Regular inspection of your brakes can greatly reduce the incidence of accidents. A terrible squealing or grinding sound may already be letting you know you need to get your brakes checked. Bring your car in to a car maintenance shop to have your brake pads looked at and possibly replaced.
When it comes to tires, you should inspect their physical condition, looking at tread depth and tire pressure. Issues like this can be avoided through quality car maintenance, keeping your car road-trip ready at all times.

Fluid Check

An important aspect of road trip worthiness is your car’s consumption of fluids. After all, you don’t want your car to overheat just miles from your destination! Brake fluids, oil levels and coolant levels are among some of the most common types of fluids you should have checked for proper car maintenance. Poor power steering could be due to a lack of fluids and even cause you to lose maintained control of your vehicle. Meanwhile, brake fluid can cause problems like sudden stops. To avoid the worst possible scenarios, make it a point to have your fluids checked at your next scheduled car maintenance.

Leak Prevention

Before any road trip, always determine if your car is suffering from any kind of leaking. First, look for direct evidence of it like drips of fluid on the ground beneath your car. Once any wet spots or areas have been observed carefully, it is imperative that you look into car maintenance right away, before any bigger problems arise.

In Conclusion

A working car is essential to a safe and enjoyable road trip so ensure you schedule quality car maintenance in Minneapolis with Auto Electric for a smooth journey. Call us today at 763-537-1221 to schedule an appointment or Contact Us.

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