Signs Your Car May Require Electrical Repair

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It is important to get ready for driving in the spring and summer weather and your car’s electrical systems play a major role in the overall well being of your car. This is definitely one area where you should rely on the expertise of professionals to determine the problem and recommend the best electrical repair solution to fix it. Electrical issues can be complicated and require the use of specialized equipment to diagnose the root cause of the problem. At Auto Electric, we specialize in electrical repair in the Twin Cities and we have a few recommendations on how to tell if your car is experiencing electrical issues.

1. Dim, Yet Functioning Lights
Have you noticed that your dashboard or headlights are dimmer than usual? If your headlights or dashboard appear less bright when driving at low speeds or idling, there could be an issue with the battery, voltage regulator or alternator. To pinpoint the issue, it is best to bring your car into Auto Electric for a diagnosis and electrical repair. Determining the source of these types of issues is no do-it-yourself project.

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2. Problems Starting Your Car
This is an obvious and common issue that often requires electrical repair. If your car won’t start, there is a pretty good chance it could be the battery, alternator or the starter. Look to see if your interior lights come on when you go to start the car; if this is a big negative, it is likely the battery. If the lights come on but your car still doesn’t start, then this is likely an alternator-related issue. Or, if you hear a clicking sound it could be the starter. Whatever type of electrical repair you require, Auto Electric can help get your car back up and running. Just bring it in to us and we will diagnose the issue for expert electrical repair.

3. New Bulbs But Brake Lights Still Don’t Work
If you’ve already tried replacing your brake light bulbs and they still won’t work, you could have a fuse problem. This is another electrical repair issue that can be dealt with by the professionals as the fuse will likely need to be repaired or replaced.

4. Loose Spark Plugs, Alternator Belt Cracks, Etc
In addition to the above issues, there are also many other problems that could require electrical repair. From loose or old spark plugs, faulty ignition system, loose battery cables and more; it can be difficult to know the exact source of your car’s electrical-related issues.

Not sure what’s causing your electrical problems and interested in electrical repair in the Twin Cities? Call Auto Electric at 763-537-1221 or you can Contact Us to schedule an appointment.

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