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Five Myths about Auto Service and Repair

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When it comes to car and truck repair work, there are plenty of myths out there. Some myths are more believable than others. As an auto service and repair shop near Minneapolis, we thought we would address some of the most common myths that we hear and what the actual truth is.   Myth: You… Read more »

Packing a Winter Emergency Kit for Your Car

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When it comes to freezing cold temperatures and freezing precipitation, you can never be too careful. You might already have an emergency kit prepared for your home in case the power goes out, but what happens if you get stranded in your car? You should have a car emergency kit too. We are an auto… Read more »

3 Summer Car Repairs & Service Issues

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Ah, summer. A time of vacations, beach trips and sitting outside. Of course, it can be hard to get to all your summer destinations without a car that’s not working like it should be. No matter where you live or are going, whether it’s Crystal, Minneapolis or Valley Place, car repairs and service are essential… Read more »