This Holiday Season, Give Yourself the Gift of a Healthy Car

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Christmas is just around the corner. What better gift is there than the security and satisfaction knowing your car is prepared for the cold winter months ahead? As a shop that specializes in car repair and service near Golden Valley, the expert mechanics at Auto Electric know firsthand just how important it is to prepare your car for the upcoming winter, especially in a climate like the one we have in Minnesota. So here are a few areas to focus on and how to make sure your vehicle is ready for winter’s frigid temperatures.

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Wonderful Wipers

We get a lot of snow, sleet and ice around this area and you never know when it will start, so it is important to make sure you get new wiper blades put on as soon as possible. You should also be sure that you have plenty of wiper fluid. When other cars kick salt and slush onto your windshield it can become very difficult to see. Wiper fluid will keep your windshield clean so you can see and get to your destination safely.

Merry & Bright Batteries

One of the most important care repair and service tasks to take care of as the winter months approach is checking your car’s battery. Bring your car to an auto repair shop like ours and we can check your battery to make sure it still has plenty of charge and to make sure it does not need to be replaced. If it does, we can help you with that to help make sure your battery is not an issue for you this winter.

Wheel Wonderland

Have you considered snow tires? As care repair and service experts, we can help you determine if these are something you should invest in, if they are a good idea for your specific needs and what kind of tires you should get.

Another important part of care repair and service is to check your tire pressure. You should do this several times a week because the variances in temperature can also affect the amount of air that is in your tires. Too much tire pressure is just as dangerous as too little.

Do you want more information about winter care repair and service in Golden Valley? Call us at Auto Electric at 763-537-1221 or you can contact us to Schedule an Appointment.

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